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A Minecraft network featuring some of the most iconic and classic gamemodes such as Skyblock, OP-Prisons, Bedwars and much more! We believe in quality over quantity, and our goal is to create the most enjoyable and fun filled experience possible. All of our gamemodes are custom, and full of best features. Craftexnetwork is one of the best Minecraft Servers dedicated to providing players with the best Minecraft server experience. Our gamemodes and ranks are based around an exciting story, element and color theme to make your experience the best one you will ever have.

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All payments are processed and received via PayPal. You will receive what you paid for when the payment comes through.

Before finalizing a purchase, make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username as we are unable to transfer packages to different users. Once payment has been completed most customers receive their items in-game within 15 minutes. If package has not been received yet please contact support in Forums.


We require personal information to prevent fraud or abuse of our systems.

Your details will never be given or sold to any company or organization outside from Craftexnetwork without prior notification, we strive to keep this information as safe as possible.

You will not receive any spam emails or similar, we may contact you in case we notice issues with your payment.

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We hope various selections in our forums;
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And much more things to do! At all cost, read the rules carefully and obey them. Enjoy!